from work with James-Maxwell


“I had the great fortune to work with Max during an important time of transition in my life. Through meditation, James led me into liminal space, guiding me through the unknown, uncovering images and blocked energies. Max masterfully performed a psychic surgery on one particular blockage, after which I felt the uninterrupted flow of energy throughout my system. Through our work, I was able to release certain burdens from the past, clearing my field of negative energy, and realigning my entire system. I look forward to continuing to work with Max whenever I feel blocked, or stuck spiritually, mentally and physically.”

- Michael

“I feel blessed to have worked with Max and continue to receive healing from him on a regular basis. Max possesses a very rare and incredible gift of healing and he is very selfless, empathetic and humble. He has a depth of wisdom I have rarely seen from other healers and all the times I worked with him were transformational. During our sessions, Max offers a grounded, straight forward, realistic perspective without any sugarcoating and gets to the core of what really matters in a compassionate manner.

 Over time, I have worked with Max to develop my shamanic and intuitive capabilities and also received spiritual and shaman healing sessions from him. 

Through the intuitive development trainings I have had with Max, he helped me connect to my own inner knowing and the language of my soul which is touch and clairvoyance and helped me learn how to trust and follow my perceptions, building confidence. After working with Max, there was a transformation in my life. I walked out the door after our first session finally feeling more confident in my intuitive skills and also opening to my creative source. Upon getting home, I immediately wrote a poem after being blocked for many months.

On the other hand, the spiritual healing I received from Max has altered the direction of my life and my own work in powerful ways. During our sessions, I felt supported and held in ways I have rarely experienced and I was able to retrieve aspects of self that had been lost allowing me to shift out of my seat as a student and into a place where I could claim my power, in order to assist others. In addition, I went through a very difficult time in my life when my mother was very sick, and Max performed multiple healing sessions for my mother which greatly influenced the trajectory of her physical illness.  

Overall, I cannot recommend Max enough. Words can’t describe how thankful I am that he is offering this type of work.  He is very dedicated, selfless, has a deep humility, a wealth of wisdom and gets results. To say he is a gift and has a gift is an understatement.“



“James has an astonishing ability to coax one out of their self-imposed structures and to see life-process in a different way. Unique among my teachers, he has given me the gift of consistent excitement and drive to continue my own self-journeying each day. His purity of intent, deep knowledge, and unique connection catalyze in his students a desire to mirror his discipline and devotion - to serve the larger self through honest, humble practice. I feel a more complex, harmonious resonance with self and Spirit, and the practical clarifications that have taken place through my work with James are many. For example, this work has supported the healing of various dissonances in my family field over the last few months. It has also given me clarity into what I truly want and need in love, friendship, “career path”, and partnership.”


“Thank you, James, for the session. I greatly appreciate the work. Directly working on the entity was a new experience for me, though I felt safe and guided through the process. The imagery of the Ouroborous I saw was one of the more vivid closed eye visualizations I have had in meditation. Hearing you speak about the Ouroborous soon after I visualized it, gave me a great sense of connection to something outside of myself working through me. I look forward to our next session.”


“I have a very busy career in coaching and corporate communications in NYC so burnout comes fast and hits hard. I came to see James at a time when I was experiencing all that and more. I was spread thin, overwhelmed and I had lower back pain.  A week after our session my lower back pain melted away. During our session he shared some insights that has helped me to be a more open and trusting person. James also has a wealth of knowledge about shamanism and he shared it generously. His work has truly left a mark on my life. I whole heartedly recommend his sessions.”


I wasn't sure what to expect as a novice to James' work. I was met with James' balanced facilitation of guided introduction to the process and its elements as well as the opportunity to journey through the work with space to experience my inner responses to it in real time. It is nearing a year since our work yet I still find it resonating and coming back to me daily as a reminder of what grounds and holds me in times of confusion and is a compass when direction becomes seemingly lost. - S.S.