Here are your waters and your watering place. Drink and be whole again beyond confusion.
— Robert Frost

List of Services

  • Supernatural Mediation: Services that work to resolve problems that appear to have a mysterious or supernatural cause.

  • Spiritual Healing Services: Spiritual and psychical work that responds spontaneously and intuitively to metaphysical, psychical, and physical issues from a holistic, compassionate perspective. This work could involve various measures: for example, intermediation or communication with the spiritual dimension; intuitive reading; or hands-on healing.

  • Spiritual Shamanism and Psycho-Shamanic Services: Healing or divination work that harnesses the knowledge and dimensions of the shamanic paradigm.

  • Alternative Counseling: A form of counseling that combines meditation, visualization, and a nuanced perspective towards language/communication in order to address psychological issues or symptoms.

  • Spiritual and Psychical Development: Training and facilitation services to enhance creativity, intelligence, and interoception through meditation and the induction of non-ordinary experiences.


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