Terni, Italy in May of 2018

Terni, Italy in May of 2018

About James Maxwell Milne

James (also known as ‘Max’) began to investigate spiritual traditions and wisdom as an undergraduate while studying literature and religion at Manhattan College. In 2008, he began to naturally see, hear, and perceive in psychical and non-ordinary ways. He continued to study mystical and gnostic sensibilities while practicing shamanism in order to harness his capacities towards practical and fruitful ends. He began to study with the core shamanic community in 2010. He has studied with the shamanic teacher and practitioner Peter Clark since 2011, in order to understand psychical and spiritual reality through the shamanic tradition.

Professionally, James worked as a lecturer and editor for Seoul University of Foreign Studies from 2012 to 2016. Privately, he was able to study Peruvian and Korean Shamanism during his travels. James eventually decided that the most ethical application of spiritual and psychical intelligence is in the service of natural healing and holistic education.

In 2016, he returned to the US to study with the master healer Ron Young, who specializes in healing those with serious (apparent) illnesses. Through the Spiritual Healing & Education project, James continues his work to overcome suffering and apparent disease through interventions and practices that could be called spiritual.

James Maxwell Milne

MA, Clinical & Counseling Psychology

Spirituality & Mind-Body Institute

Teacher’s College, Columbia University